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Euro Laminate Floors made by Egger 8mm AC3

Euro Flooring
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European Import Made By Egger
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8mm AC4 Matteo Laminate Flooring

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8mm AC4 Matteo Laminate Flooring

Matteo Laminate Flooring
8mm AC4 R159 sq/m DIY.

10 Colours available.
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Balterio Laminate Flooring

Balterio Flooring Suppliers Johannesburg South Africa

The best flooring suppliers in Johannesburg South Africa are those who offer quality products in vast ranges. Or, put otherwise, they provide homeowners with freedom of choice while remaining competitive in terms of price. Balterio laminate floors are one of the types which stand out above all others – not only because they are affordable, durable and easy to install, but also because the ranges offered are virtually limitless. Below we look at a few of the select laminate ranges available from Balterio.

Balterio Tradition

The tradition range from Balterio provides a ground surface covering solution for those who want the depth and gravitas offered by hardwood types. The colours are deep, dark and rich, and communicate both elegance and style at the same time. Items within the range are appropriately titled, and include “Vintage Oak”, “Prestige Oak”, “Heritage Oak” and the lighter “Bleached Oak”. If your rooms are different colours, then any of those mentioned will suit rooms furnished with rich greens, dark browns, gold and maroons, such as studies, kitchens and the like.

Balterio Grandeur

Grandeur is yet another from the Balterio range, and provides a more rusticated visual appeal. The colours appear slightly faded, making them less obtrusive and therefore perfect for rooms where other, more ostentatious, design elements need to be emphasised, supported or balanced. The eight members of this collection include “Renaissance Oak”, “Old French Oak”, “Wellington Oak”, “Victorian Oak”, “Hermitage Oak”, “Roussillon Oak”, “Burgundy Oak” and “Champagne Oak”. Think southern France during the Victorian era and you’ll be able to imagine the colours that constitute this collection.

Balterio Impressio

It’s different from those mentioned above in that it is more contemporary, more akin to those floor types you’ll see in leading interior decorating magazines. These are all soft browns and greys covered with a thin veil of white to produce an effect that communicates cleanliness and gentle sophistication. “Loft White”, “Vanilla Oak”, “Imperial Oak”, “Weathered Pine”, “Aged Castle Oak” and “Boathouse Pine” provide ample choice for homeowners who like their rooms light, breezy and continuously fresh.

These three ranges are only a small selection of the many, many different ranges available from leading laminate flooring suppliers in South Africa. Irrespective of the design you choose, always ensure that the product itself is backed by a suitable warrantee to ensure that you get your money’s worth – laminate floors are made to be attractive, made to last.