AGT Effect 10mm

10mm AC4 AGT Effect laminate flooring price is R299 per square meter. AGT Effect comes in a range of exquisite designs and colours. Luxurious 10mm laminate flooring series that brings nature to your feet. 10mm Laminate flooring is more rigid and sturdy with greater core density. Quality that will last, the AGT Effect laminate flooring range comes with an embossed in register, a finish that gives the planks a 3-D visual and textural look and feel.

Since inception, AGT have never compromised on their ethical value and quality principles. Quality is a goal that is constantly being reprioritised and redeveloped according to circumstances and changing market requirements. AGT's vision to promote wood technology prioritises long-term strategic thinking for the business and maintains international standards of compliance; AGT will continue to be the preferred choice for those who prefer a stylish and technologically advanced flooring solution.

The thickness of laminate flooring usually starts at about 6mm, and can run up to 15mm and more. The thicker your laminate flooring, the more it will look like real wood, generally speaking. However, a thinner board will be easier to cut into the sizes you need for your house.

Choosing something in the middle, such as 10mm laminate flooring, usually gives you the best of both worlds. You can still cut 10mm laminate flooring effectively, but the added thickness over something as thin as 6mm flooring means you’ll have a floor that is more durable and more closely resembles an actual wood floor. The thinnest laminate will likely be cheaper, but will not last for nearly as long as a thicker choice

There are many different thicknesses of laminate flooring, but 10mm laminate flooring has some perks that other thicknesses don’t have.