Balterio Laminate Flooring

Balterio make extraordinary floors for people who expect more, people who do not seek the ordinary, but look for added value and want to see their personality and lifestyle reflected in a floor.You expect a laminate floor that will last, that's exactly what you get: the best price-quality ratio and long-lasting warranties. Balterio laminate flooring is strong and stable. It is wear, scratch and impact resistant. And compatible with underfloor heating and cooling.

Each Balterio laminate flooring plank is unique, just as it is in nature. Balterio laminate floors are so close to real wood, the planks are hardly distinguishable from parquet. Balterio laminate collection exudes unprecedented contrast and depth. Balterio laminate floors feel truly genuine too. They have the vivid cracks and knots you expect from authentic wood. Balterio laminate flooring price starts from R250 per square meter.