DIY Laminate Floors

Our DIY Laminate Floors Need No Special Skills Or Tools To Install And Bring You All The Advantages Of Laminate Flooring.

DIY laminate floors may be just the solution you had been looking for if you were in search of a beautiful floor that is also very affordable to install. If you had thought that this would prove to be an elusive combination, think again, because a laminate floor really is the best of both worlds. This type of flooring has seen a boom in popularity in Europe as well as South Africa and this is not down to one, but several compelling advantages.

Here are a few of the most important laminate flooring advantages:

  • A laminate floor is far less expensive than a real wood floor because it contains no scarce and expensive hardwoods.
  • Laminate floors are far easier to care for because the melamine top layer requires only sweeping and occasional mopping – there is no need for oils, waxes, and wood treatments.
  • The laminate is far less susceptible to damage and is so hard and dense that it resists denting, scratching, burning, and scuffing significantly better than real wood.
  • Top suppliers guarantee the walking surface for fifteen years as a testament to its toughness.
  • Laminate flooring looks beautiful – in fact, it looks just like a real hardwood floor, so it offers the same aesthetic value as a wood floor, but at the fraction of the price.

Laminate floors are particularly easy to install, unlike a real hardwood floor that must be carpenter-installed by professional to look its best – and can only be installed above grade. A laminate floor can be installed either above grade or below grade and on top of virtually any other type of floor. Laminate flooring planks usually just click together effortlessly; the latest generation “Click” laminate floors are slotted together at 30-degree angles to each other and this so simple to do that you can do it yourself.