Laminate Flooring Gauteng

Laminate Flooring Companies in Gauteng

The days of hardwoods being de rigueur in the homes of the stylish are long gone. Environmental sentiment combined with thriftiness has changed the way we furnish our homes. It is the age of affordable quality, which is why laminate flooring companies in Gauteng are now recommending laminates to trendsetters and John Average alike.

The benefits of laminate floors are plentiful: consisting of a thick layer of strong HDF, or high density fibreboard, a printed high resolution image of a type of wood, and a strong laminate layer, these floors are more affordable than the hardwood types they were originally intended to imitate. This makes them the perfect solution for periods of economic fluctuation without requiring homeowners or business owners to compromise on quality or aesthetics.

In fact, since the image mentioned above can be manipulated with image editing software before it is printed, it provides a far greater range of visual effects than its traditional counterparts.

Laminate floors are also much more hygienic than most other floor types. The sealed surface restricts the penetration of dust, debris and other particles which can ultimately get lodged and provide a fertile environment for bacteria to flourish in. This also reduces the potential for scratches and cracks, which effectively lengthens the lifespan of your laminate. As such, these floors are incredibly easy to clean, requiring only a broom or, for better results, a vacuum cleaner to get rid of accumulated dirt.

Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits propagated by laminate flooring companies in Gauteng is the ease of installation of this floor. Gone are the days where glues and grouts were the adhesives of choice; nowadays the planks have been designed to click into each other, making installation and even repairs an easy enough job for one or two people to complete in a single day.

And if that's not enough, then it simply bares keeping in mind that this is a solution which has evolved over the years; in addition to being a suitable underfoot temperature throughout the year, it can also be installed over underfloor heating units. All you will need to do is install the correct underlay - that is all there is to it.

If it is a stylish surface with lots of flexibility, versatility, and durability you need, then you cannot go wrong with laminates. That is why other flooring companies throughout Gauteng recommend them, just like we do.