Laminate Flooring Offers

Investigating Laminate Flooring Offers

Laminate flooring offers are becoming more popular, quite simply, because more and more people have realised that it is a ground surface covering capable of imitating hardwood and stone. But why exactly are people choosing laminate over other types? Why should you?

More Design Freedom

Laminate flooring was originally intended as a substitute for more expensive floor types; an image of a hardwood or stone surface is laminated onto a sturdy layer of wood or compressed wood to give the appearance and visual texture of the material in the image. The irony is that, since the image can be manipulated using a computer and basic image editing software, more and more designs and ranges have cropped up than there are natural wood species, or types of stone.

Laminate Flooring Maintenance

Known for its hygienic properties, laminate flooring offers usually appeal to those with allergies. They also appeal to homeowners who do not always have a lot of time to clean, and therefore require a solution that will keep its aesthetic appeal, while requiring minimal effort. Laminates are usually cleaned with a broom, and a lightly damp cloth where required – no soaps or detergents or other expensive solutions.

Durable Laminate Flooring

There are only a couple of usage tips which should be followed when laminate flooring is used in a room. They include the usual stuff, like “no sharp objects” and “no harsh chemicals” and “be sure to wipe up spills”. But other than that, they are made to last and are often accompanied by warrantees that last 15 years or more. This makes them an investment in a home, rather than an expenditure.

DIY Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is either sold in boards or planks. Intrepid DIY enthusiasts will find that the installation itself is straightforward and can be done with basic instructions from the retailer or manufacturer. Repairs are equally easy, and simply require a few extra planks or boards, and the appropriate tools (which may vary depending on manufacturer). In fact, this floor is so easy to install it is often the choice of couples who want to do a bit of renovation or homemaking over a weekend.

Laminate flooring offers are therefore popular because they leave you spoilt for choice, open a whole range of design options and are easy to install and maintain. And since they are more affordable than their hardwood or stone counterparts, you’ll also be saving a bundle while achieving your desired interior design effect.