Laminate Flooring Planks

Working with laminate flooring planks

Laminate flooring planks are one of the most popular flooring choices currently available for several different reasons. Many people do not like tiles because of their cold nature or only prefer to have tiles in certain areas of their homes such as high traffic areas, like the kitchen and bathroom. Even though traditionally these two rooms, the kitchen and bathroom, are considered more suited to tiles, because tiles are thought to be a great deal more durable than other surfaces, it is not entirely true. Enter the modern laminate flooring planks. Not only does it have a warmer feel, but it is as durable as tiles.

Made from different materials, laminate flooring planks are available in a great many different styles and colours. One of the most popular choices are the ones manufactured from bamboo; this is because bamboo is one of the strongest naturally occurring materials available and is also one of the most sustainable natural building materials known to man. This makes it a perfect choice for modern homeowners and renovators, because the sustainability aspect fits in very well with the new green building trend.

Another new and popular material choice is recycled products; it is not yet as popular as the more traditional laminate flooring planks but is catching on in some areas. Laminate flooring is a better option for many because it is far cheaper and easier to work with than traditional wood flooring. Traditional wood flooring requires quite a high level of skill and is most often done by professional craftsmen and labourers, thereby increasing the costs involved in manufacturing it.

Laminate flooring planks are far easier to work with than traditional wood flooring. This makes it extremely popular with couples who have either bought their first home, are renovating their existing home on a budget, or are simply do it yourself enthusiasts, because they are very easy to install and often can be done in a day, depending on the space needing to be covered.

Laminate flooring planks are what is known as modular construction components. What this basically means is that one plank fits into another, thereby creating a continuous interconnected system; much like a puzzle fits together. This means that it is exceedingly difficult to go wrong; because once you have one row completed it is amazingly easy to continue your laminate flooring planks through to finish.