Laminate Flooring Pretoria

Why Install Laminate Flooring Pretoria?

The Highveld can feature some of the most scorching summer temperatures to be found across South Africa. Extremely hot summer’s days are only broken by afternoon showers that can give temporary respite from the extreme heat. During the heat however the midday sun seers down onto the high rises of Johannesburg and the Jacaranda lined streets of Pretoria, making even the most mundane tasks extremely uncomfortable.

Heat is also trapped in houses, with the evening bringing almost no relief. This is only one of the reasons why homeowners are increasingly choosing laminate flooring. Pretoria homeowners have been quick to realise that laminate flooring can significantly reduce the heat within the home on unbearable summer days.

The potential to escape the effects of the African summer sun is not the only reason the install laminate flooring. Pretoria also has extremely cold winters which, although bringing relief from the summer sun also bring a whole new set of problems. The extreme cold can be uncomfortable so homeowners in Pretoria who are choosing to install laminate flooring are also choosing under floor heating to keep those winter nights at bay.

The range of temperatures to be found in the area during both summer and winter are not the only reason to install laminate flooring. Pretoria residents have found that the installation of laminate flooring, but both beautify their homes and directly influence the resale value of their properties. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of different finishes and is therefore suitable for every home.

Whether the Pretoria homeowner prefers the ambiance of pine, cherry wood, walnut, or ash there will be a laminate flooring solution for them. This laminate flooring is extremely hard wearing and is perfect for installation in high traffic areas of the home, such as hallways and lounges. Be sure to ask your salesperson which thickness of laminate flooring would suite the different rooms of your home in Pretoria.

Laminate flooring can also be purchased directly from DIY shops or hardware centres in the form of boards, which feature a tongue and groove design which makes self-installation extremely easy. The boards can simply be cut to fir the room where the laminate flooring is required and then installed by the homeowner. It should be noted that the installation of under floor heating is best left the professional installer as projects of this type, which feature the use of electricity can be hazardous to the inexperienced do it yourself project manager.

Your home can be almost instantly beautifying through the installation of laminate floors. Pretoria homeowners are finding that laminate flooring is perfect for the city’s climate and lifestyle. If you would like to know more, contact us.