Laminate Floor Specialists

Cleaning Hints And Tips From Laminate Flooring Specialists

When you purchase your laminate flooring material it is important to find out what the correct cleaning procedure is from the laminate floor specialists. First, remember that your laminate flooring may have a wood component but that it has a resinous covering that should never be polished or waxed like ordinary wood floors. This could damage the flooring and make it slippery which could be a safety hazards in your home. Also stay away from abrasive cleaning materials such as hard brushes, rough sponges or steel wool when cleaning your laminate flooring.

These cleaning materials will scratch the resinous layer which cannot be repaired. A soft cloth with water and no detergent is probably best to clean away most spills and other dirt on the laminate flooring surface. Alternatively, you can use a mop or squeegee to clean areas that are too large to be cleaned with a cloth. For tougher dirt that will not budge when using this process, you can use a gentle detergent. Try to stay away from bleaches or abrasive chemical cleaners that can also damage the surface of your laminate flooring. Keep a look out for detergents that have been specifically designed by laminate flooring specialists to clean the flooring without causing damage.

Should any nicks or dents appear on your laminate flooring, it is once again important to remember that the floors are not wood although they may look like wood. Do not under any circumstances use sandpaper or buffing to try and smooth out the damaged flooring board. Rather find out whether the damaged floorboard can be replaced with the same type of flooring form your laminate floor specialists.

Keep in mind that the manufacturers guarantee will be negated if you do not follow the correct cleaning instructions and contact us to get the best cleaning hints and tips from the laminate flooring specialist.