Special Laminate Floor Prices

Special Laminate Flooring Prices

Our special laminate floor prices probably undercut all our rivals' and so confident are we that our prices are the lowest that we are willing to beat any reputable rival's like-for-like written quotation by five percent.  Because of our top-quality service and products, we have experienced tremendous growth over the past few years and now we also have the buying power to bring you that self-same service and quality at market-beating prices too.  No matter how you look at it, you just stand to gain all-round.

Wholesale and Installations

We wholesale these top quality floors at really special laminate floor prices, because we are the direct importers, which enables us to directly control the quality of the materials that reach us while offering you the lowest possible price at the same time.  Another reason why we can maintain such superior quality levels at these prices is because we do all our installations ourselves to the highest levels of professionalism and guarantee them for one year.

The New Wave of Laminate Flooring

This type of engineered flooring is taking the market by storm and at our super low, special laminate floor prices, it is no small wonder why more people are opting for laminate flooring.  Here are just a few good reasons:

  • The most important reason is probably cost – laminate floors cost a fraction of wooden floors because they do not actually contain any expensive hardwood.
  • Laminate floors carry long warranties – we guarantee our installations for a year and the cosmetic wear layer for between ten and fifteen years; this wear layer is extremely resistant to scuffing, scratching, burning, denting, and staining.
  • Laminate flooring resists moisture well when properly sealed, making them suitable for moist environments too, if water is not allowed to stand.
  • Laminate floors require little maintenance and the occasional sweeping or mopping with a moist mop is usually sufficient, without the need for special care and treatments wood requires.
  • They preserve our natural wood resources, because they are made of melamine and recycled wood industry waste products.

The Green Choice

Hardwood floors are being frowned upon by a growing number of environmentally responsible people. Because hardwood floors deplete our natural wood resources.  To them, laminate flooring is a statement of responsibility and shows their sensitivity to environmental issues.  Besides, they still get a beautiful floor that looks exactly like a wooden floor. So, the main reasons why people want wood floors are still met.  The fact that our special laminate flooring prices are so low in price is a bonus.