Pergo Classic Laminate Floors

Pergo Laminate Flooring

Pergo Classic laminate flooring price is R375 per square meter. Pergo Classic laminate flooring is a water-resistant innovation. Pergo Classic Aquasafe creates a sealed surface, all the way down into the bevels - efficiently preventing water from penetrating the floor.

The best laminate flooring suppliers in Johannesburg South Africa are those who offer quality products in vast ranges. Or, put otherwise, they provide homeowners with freedom of choice while remaining competitive in terms of price. Pergo laminate flooring is one of the types which stand out above all others – not only because they are affordable, durable, and easy to install, but also because the ranges offered are virtually limitless.

35 Years ago, Pergo invented laminate flooring. A floor that combines beautiful design and long-lasting durability like no other. Pergo laminate floors are made to withstand years of use and still look beautiful.

Pergo laminate flooring is made to last. The robust and innovative construction provides durability you will be glad you chose whenever the challenges of daily living suddenly arise. This extreme durability is the reason why Pergo boldly guarantee their floors against wear, stains and fading caused by sunlight for up to 30 years – the best guarantee on the market.

With Aquasafe technology Pergo sets the new standard for laminate flooring when it comes to water resistance laminate flooring. Aquasafe allows you to get the durability of a laminate floor in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas. But the ability to withstand water is not the only benefit. Pergo water resistant laminate flooring is equally resistant to dirt and spills.