Under Tile Heating

Bring Warmth To Your Home With Under-tile Heating

When you think of under tile heating, South Africa is not necessarily the first place that would pop up, but South Africa is a land of contrasts when it comes to the sort of weather that can be enjoyed in its various regions. The South Coast of the country enjoys a semi tropical climate which by and large remains at a comfortable temperature year-round.

Other areas of the country enjoy bright and warm summers which delight those who make their home in the country, as well as those international visitors who visit the Cape for its balmy Mediterranean climate and the Highveld for those glorious summer days under what seems to be an endless African sky.

Winter, however, can be extremely uncomfortable in these two regions. The Cape which has cold, wet winters and the Highveld which has night temperatures that regularly fall below freezing can test the strongest constitution. Therefore, many homeowners in these regions choose to install under tile heating to keep the winter blues at bay.

Under tile heating can make a dramatic difference to the ambient warmth in any house, it is not even necessary to install the under tile heating in every room of the house, although there are those homeowners who o have separately controlled under tile heating in various parts of their homes, especially if the home has various regularly used high traffic areas.

For instance, the homeowner may choose to have under tile heating installed in the lounge, dining room, playroom, and children's rooms if the house is extremely large. The installation of separate controls for each room makes it easy to set the temperature in each room to suit the individuals who are making the most use of it.

In many instances' homeowners chose instead to install under tile heating in the larger rooms, such as the lounge and dining area. When witched on the under-tile heating will serve to increase the temperature for throughout the home. It will also not be necessary to make use of the highest heat setting of the under-tile heating, as even a medium level will serve to warm the entire home in only a matter of hours.

Under tile heating can be extremely good value for money as it can cut energy costs significantly due to the fact that it does not have to be installed in every room and also makes the use of gas and additional electric heaters unnecessary.

The fact that the under-tile heating does not have to be set at its highest level also contributes to cutting energy costs. Many under tile heating installations can be performed by the homeowner and should this option be taken up under tile heating can pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.

If you would like to chase away the winter blues then under tile heating could be the solution, for more information, contact us.