Underfloor Heating

Under Tile Heating

Under tile heating remains a favourite with many designers and builders and it continues to be the accessory of choice for modern homes. With constant warm air, adjustable temperatures, safe installation and suitability for any floor, under tile heating in Gauteng is a must-have for homeowners and contractors that are looking to add convenience and value to their home.

WARMUP ® Under tile Heating consists of a low temperature electric radiant heating system laid directly under the floor coverings. The result is an extremely luxurious, safe, and efficient heating system. The WARMUP ® Under tile Heating System comprises of free running, high tensile, multi – stranded, insulated resistance wire laid directly under the finished floor surface. The cable is then covered with a protective layer of either resin coated mesh, or specifically designed self-levelling compound. Both methods ensure the minimum possible height addition (2-3 mm) to floor level. Proximity to the tiled surface results in significantly increased response time in comparison with other in-floor heating systems. As such maximum efficiency can be achieved by control with thermostat (air sensing or probe), timer, or combination of both.

Under Carpet Heating

Experience how Warmup underfloor heating brings warmth to life. This method of heating is particularly well – suited to new homes and buildings. The heating cable needs to be embedded into the concrete or screed surface during the early floor preparation and before the finalization stage. Warmup underfloor heating may be installed under all types of floor coverings. Some of these coverings like laminates will need the slab temperature to be limited as per the laminate manufacturer’s specifications. The advantage of this type of installation method is, it is less expensive to install and less chance of construction workers causing damage to the embedded cable.

Under Laminate Heating

With Warmup Under Laminate Heating the heat rises gently through the room, delivering heat directly to the living area with minimum heat loss. Warmup components have the benefit of over 30 years of European technology for applications that demand high flexibility, continuous operation at high temperatures and long working life.

Under most modern laminate locking systems. It is important to check the appropriate literature supplied by the laminate manufacturer prior to installation of the laminate you have selected. Minimum specifications: HDF-core (High-density fibre) laminate flooring that has a density of at least 850kg/m3, is between 7 and 12mm thick, has a join strength of at least 600kg per linear meter and a locking system that can be refitted several times if neccessary.

Running Costs

Because the WARMUP® cable is free running, it can be laid exactly where required. This incomparable flexibility enables us not only to heat the most oddly shaped room, but also to reduce energy wastage by heating only where heating is required. Combining this with our range of manual and programmable thermostats, and timers, gives ultimate control and unbeatable economy.


A 5 year factory-backed warranty is provided. Warranty forms are issued with each heater.
A closer look at underlaminate heating...


This is not underfloor heating, and is effective within 30 minutes of switch-on. You heat the area you need, when you need it. To give you an idea of the economy of Warmup, a ULS300 (140 x 200cm) underlaminate heater uses less power than three 100 watt light bulbs. 

Thermostat for regulation, limitation and protection against excessive temperatures for laminate floors.
Maximum and minimum limitation locks.
Elegant design, for flush mounting in wall box or surface mounting..