Varioclic Exclusive 5G

The Varioclic Exclusive 5G collection, which is inspired by nature, combines the elegance of wood with your living spaces. With its unique designs, modern paterns and a wide variety of colours, its brings a whole new breath to every place.

Varioclic Exclusive 5G laminate flooring provides an advantage in using time with its easy application. It offers a fast flooring solution with its start of art 5G locking system. The Varioclic Exclusive 5G series, with micro joints on all sides, offers easy and time saving in assembly operations with thw 5G locking system and 8mm thick. Vario Exclusive 5G which strengthens the natural felling of solid wood texture with many colour options, will add natural prestigeto your spaces with material quality.

Varioclic laminate flooring is easy to clean. Thanks to the technology used in its production, Varioclick laminate flooring can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and has easy usage for years.