4V Vibrance by Pergo Laminate Flooring

Vibrance by Pergo laminate flooring price is R270 per square meter. Vibrance by Pergo comes in a range of exquisite designs and colours named after nature that inspired its appeal. Vibrance by Pergo laminate floors are an affordable option for homeowners that love the look of luxury wood laminate flooring.

Vibrance by Pergo 4V has bevels on all 4 edges. Bevels define each individual plank, creating the feel of an authentic wood floor. This collection features designs with bevels on all 4 sides of the plank. 

Vibrance by Pergo 4V, floors for your real, everyday life. Pergo invented laminate flooring more than three decades ago. Today the brand is synonymous with beautiful and practical flooring. A tradition rooted in “The Story of Laminate Flooring”. This story began with an idea about creating beautiful laminate floors durable enough to handle the real challenges of everyday life and still look great after years of use. 

Today, these ideas remain the foundation of all they do, from new breakthroughs in laminate flooring to expansions into vinyl and natural wood flooring. Vibrance by Pergo is also made extremely easy to install and maintain.