Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring Johannesburg

Wooden flooring certainly is beautiful. But it is also awfully expensive. If you look at the price of a wooden floor. We are happy to report that there are far more affordable alternatives available. A laminate wooden floor costs substantially less than a real wooden floor. High quality photographs of real wood are printed on the surface of the laminate floor. So, it will for the entire world look like genuine hardwood floor.

Besides, the cost, another disadvantage of real wooden flooring is that it can only be installed above grade. Not only can a laminate flooring be installed either above grade or below grade. Laminate floors can also be installed on top of virtually any type of existing flooring. Different factors contribute to a very stable walking surface. First, an underlay is fitted; this may be either traditional foam or rubber. The rubber underlay is better at dampening sound and consequently the floor is quieter to walk on.

The top cosmetic layer is made to look like wood. But it is in fact a very tough resin-based laminate that is more moisture resistant than wood and virtually impervious to surface wear or cigarette burns. Below the laminate is a high-density fibreboard (HDF) base that is bonded to a balancing backing. The whole floor can be installed either above grade or below grade or on top of almost any type of existing flooring. A foam or rubber underlay is required and that is all. The rubber underlay is a little more expensive but renders a very quiet-walking floor.

Laminate Floor World can install beautiful laminate flooring in your home today. Choose from a large variety of styles – your laminate wooden floors can closely mimic any type of natural floor like bamboo, granite, or wooden flooring. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.