Laminate or Vinyl Floors

Laminate Flooring

How to choose between laminate or vinyl floors. Laminate flooring emerged on the South African market in the early 2000’s. It is easy-to-install, attractive, and durable alternative compared to solid hardwood flooring. Its technology has advanced tremendously since that time, with sharper high-definition imaging, deeper embossing, better locking systems, and a whole lot of other innovations. Yet no floor covering is perfect. In all the major categories related to flooring installation, cleaning, durability, and more-laminate flooring possesses both pros and cons.

Laminate flooring manufacturers have been working hard on improvements. V-groove bevels, deeper texturing, and non-glossy surfaces have made laminate floors similar to solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring. Laminate remains a budget flooring material in performance, appearance, and reputation. Because product quality differs greatly, the life expectancy can also vary. Some laminate floors can last as much as 25 years or more in rooms that see light use, while others installed in heavy traffic areas may need replacement in as little as 10 years.

When you choose a laminate flooring product, keep in mind that people tend to remember the quality long after they forget the price. The cheaper quality laminate flooring planks tend to swell up quicker when introduced to water. The Pergo laminate flooring range is available with aqua safe options. When installed properly they are more durable and water resistant compared to vinyl flooring.

Which is better laminate or vinyl floors?

One of the prerequisites of installing vinyl is that the subfloor needs to be 100% level. Whereas laminate flooring is more giving. Vinyl flooring thickness ranges between 2mm and 6.5mm, laminate range between 8mm and 12mm in thickness. Thus, laminate flooring features a much sturdier locking system in comparison to vinyl flooring. If you are looking for affordability and durability, then laminate flooring should be your number choice.

When you compare vinyl and laminate floors, make sure to compare floors that are similarly priced by selecting a vinyl floor that is comparable in cost to laminate. Don’t compare a top-quality vinyl to an entry level laminate floor. Laminate flooring has evolved and perform much better to water damage compared to vinyl. Laying vinyl flooring can become very expensive if u need to screed before installation. For residential use waterproof laminates is a better option compared to vinyl. Vinyl flooring is not 100% waterproof. Bear in mind that vinyl flooring can buckle if you have big windows with a lot of sun. Vinyl flooring can break on the locking system if the sub floor is not 100% level.