We Supply and Install

Our laminate flooring prices are hard to ignore. We supply and install all leading laminate flooring brands at affordable prices. We have been supplying and installing laminate floors in Johannesburg Gauteng for more than 10 years. We have the expertise to carry out all our laminate flooring installations to the highest quality standard. To ensure top quality workmanship, we have our own in house installation teams. We do not sub contract our work out.

Best Quality, Biggest Network

Our buying power enables us to offer affordable laminate flooring prices. We are able to not only match, but beat any written laminate flooring quote issued by reputable company. We supply and install laminate flooring in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.We cater for both D.I.Y and fully installed laminate flooring applications. We are distributors for most of the leading laminate flooring suppliers in Johannesburg, South Africa. We also have an in house brand AGT Natura Laminate Flooring, which is of high quality (8mm AC3). We are so confident in AGT laminate floor brand quality that we offer a 15 year surface warranty on it.

A High Standard of Work

We are proud of the standard of work we offer and we never contract out our work. So you are always assured of the best and most consistent quality standards. We already offer you market leading laminate floor prices. For even better value, stay on the look out for our frequent laminate flooring specials. We buy our laminate floors in bulk to save you money!

Reasons to install Laminate Flooring

There are many reasons you would want to make use of our laminate flooring products and these are just some of them:

Laminate flooring costs a fraction of the price of a genuine hardwood floor because it makes use of no expensive hardwoods

Laminate floors are extremely tough and durable: the core is a high density fiber board and the top cosmetic layer is a resin-based melamine that is extremely scratch-, burn-, stain- and scuff-resistant – so much so that we guarantee it for fifteen years

A laminate floor looks just like real hardwood because of the high-quality photographs or real wood that are printed on the cosmetic layer

Unlike hardwood, a laminate floors have no special care and maintenance and can simply be mopped and swept

Laminate floors offer some moisture resistance and can not be used in moist or wet places

Laminate floors are environmentally sound and responsible, because they conserve our natural hardwood supplies