Supreme Wide Plank




Range: Supreme Wide Plank
Size of panel: 1216 x 239 x 8mm
Fit for use grading: AC3/W31 – Heavy domestic/moderate commercial grade
8mm HDF core with an average board density >850kg/m3 and a low <15% swell rate
EN13329 Compliant
Woodgrain finish, 4 sided V-groove
Valinge 2G locking system
Warranty: 10 years Heavy Domestic use / 5 years Moderate Commercial use

Supreme Wide Plank laminate flooring is the architect’s choice for affordable laminate flooring, made from a high-density Conifer fibreboard with an average core density greater than 850kg/m3. All Supreme laminate flooring is hypo-allergenic. This does not contribute to the growth of dust mites. It is environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and easy to clean. Laminate floors are the perfect flooring solution for your home and office.

 Supreme Wide Plank Laminate Flooring

Firstly, the Supreme Wide Plank Laminate flooring price is R250 per square meter. Secondly, high-density fibreboard is being used to make the laminate flooring planks. In addition, HDF has a wood base and is moisture-resistant. An extremely tough cosmetic, resin-based melamine top layer is bonded. This is the wear-resistant walking surface, and it is so dense that it is virtually impervious to scratching, staining, or burning with a cigarette.

Supreme Wide Plank laminate flooring has taken both the European and South African markets by storm during the last few years. They are easy to clean, resistant to damage, scratching, staining and moisture and they do not harbor dust. So, people prone to allergies and asthma especially appreciate them

We stock the finest laminate flooring for modern homes and offices. We have all the best products the modern laminate flooring manufacturers have to offer. To summarize, all our installations carry a one-year guarantee. Furthermore,  the Supreme Wide Plank laminate surface carries a 10-year anti-wear guarantee. We provide the best prices on quality laminate flooring. For more information, feel free to contact us today.

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Supreme Wide Plank

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