Laminate Flooring Floorpan R225 – R290


Floorpan Fix 7mm R225 per sq/m

Floorpan Sun 8mm R245 per sq/m

Floorpan Sunex 8mm 4V R290 per sq/m

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Floorpan Laminate Flooring

Floorpan laminate flooring is affordable. Laminate floors have enjoyed tremendous success in Europe and their popularity has blown over to World. Laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain and it looks beautiful.

It is the ideal flooring solution for today’s active families. People are choosing laminate floors thanks to some of their advantages. For example, they are not prone to harboring dust. So they are perfect for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Floorpan laminate flooring is hygienic and modern. So, you can create the ambience of your choice. Which is in turn bonded to a wood based, moisture resistant core. In additional a backing is bond to the core.

A standard foam underlay is typically, but an optional rubber underlay exhibits better sound absorption at additional cost. The melamine surface is extremely dense, so it is also very hard to scratch, stain or burn with a cigarette.

Laminate Flooring Planks

Floorpan laminate flooring planks are typically between 7mm and 8mm thick. The entire plank is manufacturing the highest quality high density fiber board. The HDF is extremely resistant to moisture ingress and the decorative film extremely tough. Fourth generation “Click” system laminated floors use flooring planks that are inserted at 30-degree angles to each other. Lastly, a matching skirting is used with every different colour flooring.

Make sure you find the best Floorpan laminate flooring prices, before making a purchase. There are several reasons why this could turn out to be your ideal floor. Firstly, laminate floors looks so much like a natural floor. That is because high-resolution photographs of natural flooring is print on the cosmetic surface of the floor, so it looks just like real wood or granite.

Laminate Floor World can offer you a top quality Floorpan laminate flooring installation today.  For more information, contact us today.

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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 1205 × 197 × 90 mm
Floorpan Laminate Flooring

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