Pergo Modern


The price is per square meter (not per box).


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Range: Pergo Modern Aqua Safe 9mm AC4
Pack size: 1.573 m2
Dimensions:1380 x 190 x 9mm
Click system: Uniclic
Classification: 32/AC4 V Groove
Boards per pack: 6
Residential Warranty: 30 Year

Pergo Modern 9mm Aqua Safe

Pergo Modern laminate flooring price is R499 per sq/m. With Aqua safe technology Pergo Modern sets the new standard for laminate flooring when it comes to water resistance laminate flooring. Aqua safe allows you to get the durability of a laminate floor in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas. But the ability to withstand water is not the only benefit. Pergo modern water-resistant laminate flooring is equally resistant to dirt and spills.

Pergo Modern is a warm and softly rustic laminate floor that creates a contemporary look no matter what the era. It comes in classic plank length with a silk matt finish and subtly pronounced knots enhanced by Genuine™ wood – a surface texture that follows the wood grain in every detail. Living Expression is a Pergo quality level suitable for all-around domestic use. With Aqua Safe for superior water resistance.

Pergo Laminate Flooring

Pergo invented laminate flooring more than three decades ago. Today the brand is synonymous with beautiful and practical flooring. A tradition rooted in “The Story of Laminate Flooring”. This story began with an idea about creating beautiful laminate floors durable enough to handle the real challenges of everyday life and still look great after years of use. To be even more practical, Vibrance by Pergo is also made extremely easy to install and maintain.

Pergo Modern range is 9mm thick and has a micro v-groove on all 4 sides. Decors have a brushed structure surface, which means the grain raises and hollows are visible just like those on a real wood floor. There are two types available on the market; the foam underlay which is usually provided standard with the laminate flooring and the rubber underlay which costs a bit extra.

Above all, we have a wealth of laminate flooring specials to offer you. We hope that you will turn to us with all your flooring requirements so that we can advise you and guide you to make the right decision. In conclusion, invest in laminate flooring and you will simply never look back. Moreover, contact us today for a free quote.


Additional information

Weight 15,5 kg
Dimensions 1380 × 190 × 70 cm

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